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[SALE] JE Stuff 
11:16am 02/09/2010

Hi there! I’m currently selling some of my Johnny’s collection. Here are some of the items I have...

DiscographyCollapse )

Butais and Concert GoodsCollapse )

Books & PhotobooksCollapse )

Johnny's Family ClubCollapse )

MiscCollapse )


Feel free to check out my journal and multiply account for more JE stuff. Thank you!=)
[Selling] Pinups/Posters, Clippings, DVDs, and more! 
05:31am 16/05/2009
  Hello all,

We're selling some pinups and clippings of various JE members/groups, with plenty of pretty NEWS and KAT-TUN merchandise (including a DVD and whole magazines) at our sales journal HERE! Also in this sales post is a heck of a lot of Junior merchandise for as low as $0.25. Please take a look!

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01:13am 11/04/2009


I'm helping my friend to sell some of her JE fandom items.

Everything is BRAND NEW, unless otherwise stated.

THINGS TO SELL..!Collapse )
[Selling] Pinups/Posters, Clippings, DVDs, and more! 
07:40am 25/01/2009
  Hello all,

We're selling some pinups and clippings of various JE members/groups, with plenty of pretty KinKi Kids, Arashi, and KAT-TUN merchandise (including a DVD and whole magazines) at our sales journal HERE! Also in this sales post is a heck of a lot of Junior merchandise for as low as $0.25. Please take a look!

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RPG anyone?? 
10:13pm 21/09/2008

Calios Academy is a JE/SM-based AU RPG Forum. Check it out! Join us! ^^

Lots of stuff for sale! 
03:00am 29/08/2008

Hi guys~
I have ALOT of JE doujinshi, CDs and goods - esp. rare ones that i need to sell by the end of September!
So plz feel free to see them and take them to homes 'cause
I am throwing them out at the end of September when I'm moving away to new house... X (

Come to my livejournal: http://mymesu.livejournal.com/

karakurakiki - a je based roleplay. 
06:58pm 11/08/2008
a johnny's entertainment roleplay based on bleach.
(non-je's are also acceptable!)

claimed characters . information + FAQs . rules . claiming and reserving

Centuries ago, a war broke out between the two worlds of Heaven and Hell. A fight for power over these worlds vanished the peace and trust for each other. With a long war going on, many lives were lost and numerous ones suffered. And the Hollows were getting stronger and stronger. So, Shinigamis created a being called Bounts and used them for war. While a few selected Shinigamis and loads of Bounts were facing the army of Hollow, the rest of Shinigamis in the Soul Society built magical barriers around the Society, preventing any entrances or exits, and sealed themselves in.

It was the ugliest thing the worlds had ever seen or heard. Hollows were gaining advances and the balance of the world were threatened. Shinigamis were losing the war, and they had no back up from Soul Society as Soul Reapers there were not willing to sacrifice more souls of Shinigamis in the war. Bounts started to lose trust on the Shinigamis as they began to have a feeling that they were created for the war’s sake, and they were just toys for Shinigamis. Hence, they decided to leave the war.

Shinigamis decided to invent another being called Artifical Soul. They put those Artificial Souls into the death bodies. But in the end, Shinigamis were afraid of those souls so they decided to destroy them. A few of the souls remained though.

Having no choice, the Shinigamis turned to Quincys who were willing to help to restore the peace on worlds although they had never gotten along well with the Shinigamis. That’s how the human world was dragged along into the war.

The war went on for a long time till one of the Shinigamis came up with an idea which was as deadly as the war itself. It was to conceal the Hollows’ powers with the key to open the entrance of Soul Society. A key which was located deep in the heart of Soul Society. If one step went wrong, the whole of the Soul Society would be destroyed and the world would be under Hollows.

A plan was thought out to sneak into the Society to steal the key. Finally getting the key, which was in the form of a rusty old sword, they set out to eliminate the leader of the Hollow army. Luck was on their side as they carried out the plan. They sealed the power of the Hollow leader into the sword, along with the power of Shinigami who had come up with the plan, and killed the leader. And they hid the sword at a place where no one could imagine or think of. The world was back to order... and from then on, the talks about Shinigamis and Hollows were bed time stories for human in the human world.

Back now, the Hollows are going to strike back again, they are going to take their revenge and take over the world again. The only thing that keep them from doing is the old, rusty sword which was buried somewhere on earth. With the sword, Hollows would regain their sealed powers and be able to break into the Soul Society. Unfortunately, they have ideas that the sword is hidden somewhere in the school named Karakura High, located in Karakura Town in western Tokyo.

The news reached Soul Society. So, Shinigamis are sent to the human world to find and retrieve the sword before the Hollows could put their hands on it, and while they are there, they are also to protect the human beings from the wreck of Hollows. Will history repeat itself? Will Shinigamis be able to retrieve the sword in time, with helps from their human friends and other beings?

Disclaimer: All the actors, actresses, and characters belong to their respective owners. We don't own Bleach or anything.
11:47pm 28/07/2008

Starstruck Boys is an Asian Entertainment RP.
The theme of this game is "host club".
In this RP, your character can either be a host or a civilian. Hosts work for a company and work hard to rise in rank... or not. Civilians live in the host club areas and are in some way related to the clubs or hosts themselves.

Though the title features the name "boys", girls are also included in this RP.

Starting August 12, 2008.
Just click the picture link if you'd like to read the rules/story and apply.


Feel free to ask any questions. `^.^
Claims List.
Selling Kat-tun and other Jpop/Jrock Poster 
04:11pm 12/04/2008
I'm selling kat-tun and some of my jpop/jrock poster.
it's cheap and still brand new / i never hang those up.

please check those out at my journal
Need help in school project 
08:45pm 27/02/2008
mood: hopeful


Currently i need to come with an idea on what to do for my school e-commerce project. Since i like JE so much, i thought of doing something related to JE. I came out with a survey to support my idea, i hope you can help me out by responding to the survey. Your help will really be appreciated! Please and thank you!

Link to survey: http://www.createsurvey.com/c/64241-t2KaRo/

Arashi fanlisting + mini tribute 
12:45am 07/02/2008
  please join if you are a fan! :D this fanlisting is approved by TFL.ORG and is listed at the musicians: bands/groups category :D

IMPORTANT!! if you joined at the oldest Arashi's fanlistings, please RE-JOIN here, because the last owner, lost ALL members before she give me this fanlisting. Thanks for your support!

JE magazines for sale! 
12:57pm 26/09/2007
  Please visit my journal!
lots of JE for sale!
Pages for Sell 
04:02am 23/09/2007
  Pages from various magazines for sells here  
09:20pm 14/09/2007

Hey. everyone!
I come bearing two blog crews!

The One True Loves blog crew!
This is a blog crew in which you get to claim your favorite JE pairings! `=]

And the *Asians Kick Bootie* blog crew!
This is for Asian entertainment. Please come and claim! There are still plenty of Asian entertainers! `=D

Thanks for your time. `=]

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05:24pm 10/09/2007
  Sorry, if this isn't allowed, please tell me and I will immediately delete this post. `=]

x-posted in almost every single community that I belong to. Sorry if this is spamming you! `T.T
~Posters & Pin Ups For Sale~ 
11:33pm 03/09/2007
  Selling various JE posters & pin ups..

Blog Crew 
01:19am 14/08/2007
  Hey everyone!
I made an Asian Entertainment Blog Crew!

Please feel free to come and claim!
But make sure that the person you want isn't already taken! `xD

( Click me! `xD )

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If this isn't allowed, please tell me and I'll delete it right away. Thanks. `8D
Also... I'm not sure how to tag this. Thanks in advance for the one who tells me. `=]
Posters & Pin-Up For Sale 
11:28pm 09/08/2007
  I’m selling various JE posters and pin-ups..

08:36am 06/07/2007
mood: tired

I wanna sell this magazines for the CHEAP price..

I need the money to buy NEWS DVD.. HELP..

download post : KinKi Kids ringtones 
07:32am 02/06/2007
  hi minna-san~~ I'm posting some of the KinKi Kids's ringtones I just made... hope u guys like it ;D

please comment if taking and please tell if there is any broken links ^o^v

( fake cut to my LJ )

x-posted to lots... sorry m( _ _ )m