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For the most part an Arashi, Kat-tun, Kinki Kids community... err... mostly

Plans are in the making..

Anything Arashi+ Kat-tun+Kinki Kids = Here.
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This is a community set up by those who love Arashi, Kat-tun, and Kinki kids. You can love them all or just one or two of them, it doesn't matter just as long as you love at least one of them. :P We formed this community solely because we love these guys and thats about it. This community will mostly be about these guys and maybe some other groups too, but we will for the most part stick to these three groups.


1. You don't talk about Fight c--- err.. 3 for 1 community.

2. You DON'T talk about 3 for 1 community.

3. NO REQUESTING for things... This is a GIVE or TAKE community.

4. If you share ANYTHING outside this community = Da boot. Only exception is if you were the original sharer.

5. You can HATE, but only with LOVE. Meaning you can criticize them but its because you truly care for them, and not in stupid way. (ie. Nino is lame his voice just sucks = Hate with hate. vs. Jun was off in the last performance of lai lai lai and threw Ohno off, but he usually sounds pretty good, hopefully he won't do it again or i'll kill him.. with love. = hate with love!)

6. Swearing is A-Okay!

7. Because swearing is okay no one under lets say.. um.. 14 and a half may enter.

8. Mostly anything goes.. even other groups! lol.

9. Talk.. fangirl gibber jabber.. RANT .. thats okay.. just um.. don't be stupid about it.

10. Hopefully there won't be anymore than these but who knows?

A little about each group and its members :


Arashi -This is a group that was formed AND debuted in 1999 by Johnny's Entertainment. The members are as follows:

Aiba Masaki - the most ubber hyper one of the bunch with the most reconizable voice of them as well. He is the member who loves ARASHI the most, and keeps them all in touch when they haven't talked in a while. In japan, he and Nino are the most popular members. Also he joined JE cause he wanted to play basketball with SMAP. lol. He is also Nyshal's favorite member.

Jun Matsumoto - Mr. I'm Shekxy And I Know It. He has a nasally sound to his voice. Also he's the youngest of ARASHI but also acts the Oldest.. odd. He also has the best food manners.. lol. He is an Elite of Johnny's, never had to audition to get into the juniors.. Mr. Johnny just called him in one day and said "YOU are in!"

Ninominya Kazanari - A very sarcastic and spontanious guy despite his stone teddy bear face. He sings very passionately and his voice is a like it or hate it type. Also he is very good at break dancing. Together with Ohno he is part of a duo called Omiya SK where they dress up in basket ball jerseys and shorts and wear feathers on their heads making the concert anything goes...

Ohno Satoshi - Lead singer and leader of ARASHI. He doesn't lead, lead, but leads in um.. spirit.. yeah... He is the oldest of the group who acts the oddest and youngest. He was pretty shy when they started and he is the least popular member of the group. All and all I (Squints) would say he is the best dancer and singer of all the group members! BEST.. #1. Btw.. he is Squints favorite member.

Sho Sakurai - He is the "manager" of the group and also the "rapper". He does most of the mc work at the concerts and he is deeply involved with the goings on with ARASHI and their variety shows. He is super competitive guy and excels at what he does (even school). Also he is the main person who was involved with forming "ARASHI".


KAT-TUN - This group was formed in 2001 by Koichi of Kinki Kids. They are the first Junior GROUP ever to have a concert, and there have been rumors that they might be debuting at the end of this year.

Kamenashi Kazuya - He's one of the lead singers of KAT-TUN, his favorite sport is baseball, and he likes to spend a lot of yen. lol

Akanashi Jin - He's the other lead singer in KAT-TUN, and he's best friends with Yamapi. He and Kame are the most popular members.

Taguichi Junnosuke - "Flipper" he likes to go and flip flip flip until he ends off stage litterally and then have a visit to the hospitol..*.* His favorite color is pink, and he joined JE because he wanted to play with SMAP. Also.. his real last name is Matsuda. lol.

Tanaka Koki - The rapper of KAT-TUN. He's best friends with Yuichi (who convinced him to stay in when the group was first formed. He does comedian skits with Yuich called "Tanaka". Also he's going to college right now, and the only member currently going to school. He is Nyshal's most favorite member.

Ueda Tatsuya - The leader of KAT-TUN and the funniest according to the rest of the members. He was the best Jr. dancer in 2002.

Nakamaru Yuichi - "Mother" of the group, always looking after the other members. Also he tends to be forgotten when doing interviews or sending messeges to fans as a whole.. as he is the "N" and generally doesn't fit on the end.. ^_- In photo shoots when the group gets out of control, it is he who's called to calm them down.. lol. Also he's KAT-TUN's back up rapper who beatboxes.


Kinki Kids - KinKi Kids are the most popular duet in Japan. They are currently number one on the orican charts for selling the most #1 singles in a row and this is still increasing each release. But beware, if you were to say which member was your favorite in one of their concerts, you probably wouldn't make it through the concert alive... o.O And um.. one last thing.. you can get a Kinki Kids credit card if you wanted to! Insane! (squints apparently just found out...)

Domoto Tsuyoshi - Tsuyoshi is most known for his voice. He has the better voice of the two and because of this, the Tsuyoshi twist was invented. He dances, but doesn't enjoy it as much as Koichi, so sometimes he avoids certain parts in songs. However, when he does, he looks so cute! He loves to play the guitar and is often seen showing off his skills while backstage. He is in many dramas and releases his own CDs. Tsuyoshi is GOD for Goldmoon727.

Domoto Koichi - Koichi is the dancer in the duet. He loves to dance, thus show it off and always walks around in dance shoes. However, thinking he is very cordinated, your wrong! He is the one to most likely fall off the stage. His sense of fashion is one of the best in JE. He is Goldmoon727's second most favorite in this group :-)

Questions? comments?

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